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i, Panty Buns, am begging and daring all women to HELP MAKE ME WORLD FAMOUS IN MY PRETTY LADIES PANTIES by copying, sharing, and republishing the photos i posted of myself in my full brief nylon panties at http://www.full-brief-panties-male-modeled.blogspot.com along with the URL. The photos of me in my ladies panties and this dare are all RELEASED into the public domain. i dare all women to try provoke enough relentless saturation media coverage that every woman on earth will have seen me in my panties, recognize me on the street, and yell things out at me if they aren't laughing too hard. Do you think you could figure out how to make me famous with the photos of me in my ladies panties? Are you too much of a chicken to help make it happen? Please feel free to let me know what you think in your comments. Do you think i'm naughty? i would feel privileged to read any comments, questions, thoughts or suggestions women have about me in my ladies full brief nylon panties.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Look Back at Censored Panties and Self-Censorship

Part of this post includes a look back at extreme censorship motivated by biased sex-discrimination at Google's YouTube and my own subsequent self-censorship - and the reasons why I haven't done a post here in two years - and some of the ideas I once considered blogging about here. The first sixteen paragraphs of this post and the first two photos DO NOT contain any adult content and neither do any of the links included. They do include more rants about gender-based discrimination by Google's YouTube. It also includes a couple of previously unpublished photos of me showcasing a pair of American Apparel High-Waist Lace Panties.
To any objective viewer it is crystal clear that there was never a reason to restrict the viewing of the videos in this post.
The transcript of what I said in the videos were published with them. Google's YouTube SLANDERED me, and the ONLY reason I never SUED them was that since I do not receive or ask for money or compensation of any kind for my blogging I could not show financial harm. Rather, it's a straight-forward matter of principal. Google's YouTube team are bigoted liars and I am the victim of their lies. The only recourse I have is to tell the world about it. Sadly, Google's YouTube is not the only culprit. There are bigots embedded and doing "moderation" (bias motivated censorship) at Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Disqus, Reddit and elsewhere. Transphobia is endemic throughout social media.
Here is a look back at some of the censorship methods by Google's YouTube:
YouTube's policy of causing videos their moderators don't like to be "restricted", and requiring viewers to "sign in" before viewing them.
This video, "MOV Lingerie Review Rago Shapewear Black Panty Briefs | YouTube", was restricted very shortly after I uploaded it. As you can see from the transcript and photos in the post I embedded it in, there is no conceivable justification for it's having been restricted. Here's a link to the post: "Lbloggers Fbloggers OOTD and Review of Rago Shapewear Panty Brief with Lace".
Here are two photos of me male-modelling those briefs. Definitely NOT adult. They could have been and should have been be shared everywhere without restriction.
The FIRST "STRIKE" Google's YouTube issued against my account was for my first ever YouTube video - a darkly lit customer lingerie review of a pink pair of Vanity Fair Panties. It has been remove from YouTube, but you can see it here: FUNNY or DIE MOV_Male_Models-Pink-Satin-Panties.AVI.      
Google's YouTube wrongfully REMOVED the video "MOV Lingerie Review Maidenform Flexees Magenta Nylon Full Brief Panty | YouTube", without warning, and then went further and ISSUED A SECOND "STRIKE" against my account replacing it with a sign slandering me. Again, you can see the transcript and photos in my previous post titled "Lbloggers Fbloggers OOTD and Review of Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Panty Briefs". As of this writing the video is still replace with a sign saying "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content." An obvious lie.
Here are two photos of me in those panties that should be publishable anywhere:

At one time I had planned to do many more blog posts on this blog, but perhaps you can understand my hesitance.
Then, as recently as February of 2015, I saw this must-read article by Violet Blue in ZDNet about how Google had planned to disappear blogs that had any "sexually explicit content". Then. 3 days days later Consumer Affairs published a post titled: "Google backs down; says it won't ban adult-content blogs after all.
Violet blue had previously, on 9 June 2014, written an excellent article on Google+ titled" Thanks for nothing, jerkface. THAT IS WHY I REFUSE TO JOIN GOOGLE+ and thus am unable to comment on YouTube. It is also why I disable comments on my videos. Goole+ insures that comment trolls have the upper hand there.
As of this writing, this (link) shows the current Blogger Content Policy. The troubles with it are, that if bigots decide what does or doesn't violate the guidelines then bloggers who are out of the mainstream get screwed. How can I trust an entity which for years has restricted viewing of my video review of Hanes panties to users who "log in to prove their age" of my video "" (which I had embedded in my post ""). Gender biased discrimination doesn't get much more clear than that. Hanes Television advertisements showing women running around in Hanes panties placed everywhere - on TV, in magazines and newspapers - clearly okay for unrestricted viewing - but because my gender is male my video was "filtered" and "restricted" (censored). It was embedded in my blog post titled "Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties" with the video Mister_Panty_Buns-loves-having-Hanes-Women's-Nylon-Panties-on | YouTube .
Here's a good question: If readers have already clicked on the Blogger "Content Warning" orange "I UNDERSTAND AND I WISH TO CONTINUE button in order to read this blog post, why would they still be required to sign in to YouTube (another Google product) in order to view the video?
Amongst the many, many photos of me in my panties that were restricted and excluded from searches in the past were these two:
This photo of me in turquoise panties was censored from Photobucket:
This photo of me was excluded from Google searches for years:
 The topics I once thought about including on this blog might have considered adding clearly adult (unlike the subjects and photos in the preceding paragraphs) topics to this supposedly and somewhat undeservedly "over-18" blog, including (adult content starts below):
Here are two never before seen photos of me in American Apparel High-Waist Lace Panties that I didn't want to show on my regular blog and saved them for here.
UPDATE: In an act of blatant sex-discrimination, Google's "YouTube Team" has struck again, restricting viewing if my "OOTD: Lingerie Review of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High-Waist Satin Panties with Blu Sage Blouse", by implausibly claiming the restriction was Age-restricted "based on Community Guidelines" - AN OUTRIGHT LIE. I think it's time for the "YouTube Team" to be officially designated as a hate group.
 In light of continuing hate-motivated acts against me arbitrarily executed by Google-owned entities, my future posts on this blog, if any, will be limited.
Best wishes to all for Year 2016. May your expression through speech, writing, photos and videos be free from the kind of censorship I have been subjected to.